Onsite at our new home office: Getting to know Melissa MacMullin, Junior Project Manager


From mock trials and case studies to blueprints and drywall, Melissa MacMullin’s career path has been diverse to say the least.  Currently working on the new Irving Oil home office as a Junior Project Manager with Fundy Pros Specialty Construction, this wasn’t where she had always envisioned herself.

For Melissa, working in the trades wasn’t something she considered out of high school. It was only once she was in law school that she decided to make the switch.“I wanted to do something different, completely out of my comfort zone,” she explains. Now,Melissa enjoys working in a dynamic field, unlike any she has worked in before.

While her team of nearly 70 is responsible for the framing, drywall and ceiling in the new home office, Melissa’s duties are harder to describe.“I do whatever’s needed,” she explains. “My job is to make sure we stay on-track, on-budget, and on-time.”

Although, this doesn’t mean that Melissa doesn’t do her fair share of the heavy lifting.“I would say that if you want to make money while you exercise, construction is a great avenue for that,” she adds with a laugh. 

The challenge of strategically planning where to best focus their efforts to achieve project goals is something that she greatly enjoys.“It’s a mind-stretcher when you’re building such high rises,” Melissa adds. 

From Melissa’s time in the industry over the last four years, she has also seen an increase in the number of women on job sites, with the home office project being the site that has the most women from her experience. However, she notes, “I would love to see more women in the trades.”Although fear of the unknown is a barrier that Melissa recognizes, she feels the hardest part is taking the first step.“Once that was done, everything else just fell into place,” she affirmed.

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