Onsite at our home office: Getting to know Lori Long, Construction Electricitan


Lori Long, a longtime resident of the region, recently joined the onsite team of Irving Oil's new home office – playing an important part in the creation of the building in her position as a Construction Electrician.

Originally from the Bloomfield area of New Brunswick, Lori has worked in the construction industry for many years, gaining her education and training in electrical work at New Brunswick Community College in Saint John. She began her career working at the Saint John refinery, and is now with Gardner Electric working specifically on the home office project. 

As a Construction Electrician, Lori is responsible for managing all of the equipment that arrives onsite, ranging from electrical wiring to receptacles and connectors. Upon arrival, she sorts each item, ensuring they get to where they need to go for installation. 

Being a part of the project and seeing it through to fruition is a great perk of this job, explains Lori. 

"It's great working on this project because this is something the construction team will always remember being a part of," says Lori. "As a permanent fixture in the community, it's exciting to work on a project that will live on for many generations to come, in a community that I call home." 

With the home office project slated to be completed later this year, Lori is eager to continue working onsite, with excitement building around what the completed office will look like once all of the final touches (including electrical work) have been installed. 

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