Tower crane a welcome sight in Saint John

Saint John’s skyline grew this week as we marked an important milestone at our home office site – the erection of the large tower crane that will be integral to the construction project moving forward.

The crane, which sits about 250 feet above ground level, not only represents growth at our construction site, but is also symbolic of investment that uptown Saint John has not seen in many years.

The first components of the tower crane arrived on site in June and have sparked dozens of social media conversations since – especially as it began taking shape on King Square South this week. The crane has a boom radius of approximately 164 feet and its lifting capacity is 44,000 pounds. 

The tower crane will play an essential role in the construction of our 11-storey home office building off of King’s Square. Construction activities began on site on June 6; the project is scheduled to take 18 to 24 months to complete.

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