Cranes have landed in uptown Saint John

Our home office building site was a hub of activity today as the first components of the project’s large tower crane arrived at the corner of Charlotte and Princess Street – a symbol of investment that uptown Saint John has not seen in many years.

The pieces will be assembled in the coming weeks to create the vast tower crane, which, when completed, will sit about 250 feet above ground level and have a boom radius of approximately 164 feet. Its lifting capacity will be 44,000 pounds. 

About half of the 13 crane components arrived today, and were offloaded onto the site throughout the morning and afternoon. A smaller, 50-tonne crane carefully lifted each piece off of large flatbed trucks as community members gathered on sidewalks and street corners to watch the activities unfold.

Once erected, the tower crane will play an essential role in the construction of our 11-storey home office building off of King’s Square. Construction activities began on site on June 6 and will continue for another 18 to 24 months.

Our home office project is the first of its kind in uptown Saint John in more than 25 years, and we are committed to engaging our neighbours as the development continues to take shape. If you have any questions about our new home office, please contact our project team at