Home office project keeps tradespeople here at home

 Darryl Cummings of Maguire Excavating Ltd.

 Darryl Cummings of Maguire Excavating Ltd.

For Darryl Cummings, our new home office project represents a great opportunity for long-term, meaningful employment here at home – and it’s a feeling that’s shared throughout the trades community.

Darryl, of Saint John-based Maguire Excavating Ltd., says our home office is the biggest project in the company’s history – after the Chateau Saint John hotel, which opened in 2009.

“It means a lot,” he says. “There are a lot of people out of work right now and this has allowed us to keep our team going. There is other work out there but this is definitely our main project, as it will be for a lot of the tradespeople that come on site.”

When our home office project was announced, Darryl says it acted as a source of hope for tradespeople throughout the region in need of steady employment.

“Some of these tradespeople like iron workers, electricians … it gives them some light on the horizon. They may not be on site now but they can walk by and see the activity and know that within a short period of time there is going to be work,” says Darryl.

The bulk excavation is now complete on site, but Maguire Excavating will continue to work on the project as smaller excavation needs arise, he says.

“It’s encouraging to see this project in Saint John because it also means there could be a ripple effect where we see more construction – and more work – opportunities in the city,” says Darryl.